My third stone crime and picking up stones on the coast of Shizuoka Prefecture | Memories No. 29 |

Stone picking trip|Omaezaki Coast, Shizuoka Prefecture

October 10, 2016.

Today I’m in my hometown, Mie Prefecture. Wait for him at the station rotary.
Yes, he’s coming.

He leaves the suiseki (appreciation stones) that a kind old man gave him as a thank you for his work in the parking lot of his workplace, kicks the rocks of the Tenryu River without batting an eye, and throws away all the stones of Kumano’s wonderful Shichirimihama Beach. Matthew, the child of stone evil.

For some reason, he wants to accompany me again to pick up stones.
I wonder what purpose they go to pick up stones. Perhaps he has no interest in picking up stones at all, but he is interested in the mysterious act of picking up stones. I also like nature such as the sea and mountains.

I was looking for a nice stone beach that I could go to for a day trip. I’ve been to Fukui a lot, and I’ve also been to Shichirimihama Beach in Kumano. No stone coast has yet been found in Aichi. In Shizuoka, I often catch them along the coast along the JR lines, and Izu is especially frequent. It’s almost developed.
But this time, Matthew’s car is there. Then, there is one beach in Shizuoka that comes to mind.
Omaezaki is the hometown of our designer E. The reason I started collecting rocks in the first place was the stones from Omaezaki Beach that E brought to work. This is also the origin of this stone-picking diary. The stones carefully selected by E are truly wonderful, and the coast where they were found is Omaezaki Beach.
Just as TADA focuses on collecting stones from the local coast of Fukui, E collects almost all of the stones he owns from Omaezaki Beach. In this diary, I have talked about TADA, K, 384, and Matthew, but E is the one who acquired the stone aesthetic sense the fastest.

If we can pick up wonderful stones like E’s, we have high hopes for Omaezaki Beach.

Matthew, you can look forward to it. My impression from picking up stones so far is that the stones at Tenryu River are rough, and the stones at Shichirimihama are all similar.
But this time it’s different. All of the stones that E picks up from Omaezaki are so dense and smooth to the touch that it’s hard to believe they’re from the same coast. Although the colors and patterns are not as good as those of Aomori, it can be said that it is one of the few beaches where you can find high-quality stones with a different astringency and depth.

Well, it’s almost time to leave, but Omaezaki is a reasonable distance from my hometown. It will probably be about 2 to 3 hours.
That’s what I thought, but when I was in the car with Matthew talking about memories from elementary school, the time passed quickly.

Embankment of Omaezaki.

It has a bit of a resort-like atmosphere. We had a casual lunch at a place that looked like a roadside station.

It has a somewhat lonely atmosphere. After all, this is a town where you can pick up stones.

Head towards the coast.

A lighthouse on the cape. I think E said there was a spot to pick up rocks on the beach below.

Zunzun zun.

Almost to the coast. Are there any stones?

What is this suspicious road?

fruit. People who like stones also like fruits.

After passing through a suspicious road, there is a building that looks like a souvenir shop.

lots of shells. Am I the only one who feels sad?
Descend to the shore.

Ocean. Water quality is not very good. Compared to the sea in Fukui, it is quite murky. It also smells quite a bit like the ocean.
How about stones, stones, stones?

there were.
Stones scattered on the gravel beach.
The second most exciting stone sight.
The first place is stones on the sandy beach. There is an indescribable charm to the stones that lie on the sandy beach, begging you to pick them up.

When it comes to gravel beaches, it gets a little blurry. This is because gravel is finely crushed stone. The same goes for sand, but sand is no longer a stone.

Leaving aside such details, what are the fallen stones like?

Hmmm, I see.

It’s normal. It’s a perfectly normal stone. And this is it when it’s wet.
Are you okay? Omaezaki coast.

Roll, roll, roll.

Many of the stones in E were also plain. As you take your time and face the stone, it gradually becomes more interesting, giving you a sense of wabi-sabi.
When I show ordinary people that this stone is nice, they say, Wow, it’s just a stone…
The stones of Omaezaki are indispensable.

That means…
I looked at Matthew in horror…

My anxiety is right, I’m a shell of a shell, I’m not even sure if I even exist in this world.
He pays no attention to the stones and stares blankly at the end of the sea. Is that how you enjoy the sea?

Colo colo.

Suddenly, a mysterious stone appeared. what. What is this stone?
Isn’t it full of holes? Moreover, there is a small stone stuck in the hole.
Later, when I tweeted about it, the stone person somehow pointed out that it was the work of insects, but I no longer remember it. Apparently it was the work of living things, not weathering.

Also, pay attention to the stones that are falling around you.

sober. It’s completely plain.
However, when I think that the bitter stone that E possesses is inside, I can’t lose hope.
I concentrated and continued picking things up.
Matthew is playing with his smartphone.

No matter how plain the stone coast is, it’s nice to pick up stones surrounded by the sound of the ocean, the scent of the salt, the sky, clouds, and plants.

I don’t have any particularly interesting photos, so this is the end of collecting stones.

The stone I picked up looks like this.
By the way, the brown object in the upper center is not a stone. I knew that in an instant, but somehow I kept it. Of course I didn’t take it home. Indeed.
I think I was able to find a very cool stone.

However, strangely, it feels a little different from the stones in E’s collection.
Or rather, there aren’t any stones that good.
I don’t know if this is because I’m not good enough at picking up stones, or if I don’t have enough time to look for them, but E’s stones are overwhelmingly better.

There is a type of stone in E’s collection that was never seen today.
Why. Why? I heard that the place he picked it up was under a lighthouse, so it should be exactly the same.
According to Kazuo Watanabe’s Japanese Rock Specimen Box, Cape Omaezaki is the final destination for stones flowing from the Tenryu River, where almost all types of stones in Japan are said to have fallen. I wonder if some stones of high quality have fallen.
No, that can’t be true. I have no idea.
Or, just as TADA overfished the agate on the coast of Echizen, Fukui, has E also overfished the bitter stones on the Omaezaki coast?
Agate is easily subject to overfishing, but I don’t think that’s the case with the stones here. It’s a mystery.

Because I saw the E stone first, I wonder if it became a special presence in my mind as I talked with it for a long time. It’s true that we can no longer see it on an equal footing with other stones.

Strangely enough, stones tend to taste better after being brought home and washed for several weeks or months, rather than ones that have just been picked up. Is this because the surface of the stone is physically familiar to me, or is my mind gradually changing so that I can appreciate the stone more deeply? I don’t know that either. Something deep.

The sun is setting. go home.

It’s a sea of ​​surfers.

Nature is good.

Stones picked up at sea|Omaezaki Coast, Shizuoka Prefecture

Once again, the stone I picked up looks like this.

Closer cut.

It’s not bad to say the least.
As the days have passed since I brought them home, I’ve found some stones that have surprisingly good taste, so I’d like to introduce them to you.

A stone that looks like it has been soaked with ink.

A stone that looks like a pumpkin.

A stone that looks like a sperm whale.

I don’t really understand why, but it’s sobering.
As a result, I was able to pick up some nice stones. feel like.

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