Stone and Sea  Stone trips and memories of the sea.

Before I knew it, collecting stones had become a hobby.

I work at a design office.
The trigger for picking up stones was the stones brought in by the designer.
It seems to be a stone that I picked up with my son in the sea of ​​my hometown on a holiday.
It’s pretty good, and I’m looking at it for a while.

Yes, I have always liked stones since I was a child.
If I could pick up a better stone,
The spirit of rivalry was welling up.
What is this feeling?

Where should we go pick up stones this weekend?
I, who is frighteningly heavy,
The speed of reaching the exploration stone was extraordinary.

A stone that I once picked up when I was a child.
Most people don’t pick up stones when they grow up.
I have no interest in stones.
Far from being uninterested, it is not recognized as a thing.
It is part of the ground like sand or concrete,
No stone exists.

But let me start this diary.
Because stones are beautiful.
And once you realize it, you can’t go back.
Mysterious and infinitely deep
Yet it is as natural as water and air,
I am addicted to stone.