This time, we will collect jade stones on the coast of Toyama Prefecture. | Memories No. 4 |

Stone-picking trip|Toyama Prefecture Boundary Coast

September 22, 2015.

Yesterday I went to Itoigawa Beach, commonly known as Jade Beach, to pick up stones, but I couldn’t find any jade.

Although I was able to find the kind of stone I was looking for, I was not satisfied with it.
Picking up stones doesn’t go as planned. In fact, the more I pick it up, the more I feel that it’s not like this, that there must be a better stone out there.
that’s no good. I feel like my original motivation for picking up stones has changed.
The rock picking I do must have been an interesting experience of the individuality of the stones and memories of the sea.
However, I was looking for the individuality of stones, but I began to feel that I was starting to feel more like collecting minerals, such as rare stones, crystals, and gem-like beauty.
The difference between picking up rocks and collecting minerals is not clear-cut, but it is certain that there is a conflict between them.
Well, I’ll write about that some other time, but for now, let’s start picking up stones.

I thought about picking up stones again in the same Itoigawa area, but the coast where jade can be found stretches from Itoigawa in Niigata Prefecture to Toyama. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to pick it up at the Toyama prefecture border coast.
1 minute walk from Etchu Miyazaki Station on the Ainokaze Toyama Railway. Close to the sea!

I reached the coast.

Anyway, as expected, this is also a jade coast. Everyone is looking for jade.
It was the first time I had ever seen anyone on the beach looking down.
At Kushimoto and Shobuzawa beaches, there were either no people, people fishing, or families playing on the shore.

Designer K, who is traveling with me this time, made his debut picking up stones in Itoigawa yesterday, and he is already picking up stones from time to time, and he seems to be quite used to it.
As a talented designer, he picked up some really nice stones on his second try. A competitive spirit emerges.
When two or more people go to pick up stones, it becomes a bit like a game. Well, that’s interesting.

To be honest, the number of falling stones is probably the same as that of Itoigawa Beach, but Sakai Beach is less interesting.
I had been picking them up yesterday, and I had seen a lot of beautiful beaches, so I am not particularly impressed with nature anymore.
There is no sign that the jade has fallen at all.

After picking things up here and there, I sat down and took a break.
A pleasant breeze and a clear sea. Seas with good stones are generally clean.
But the waves are strong. If I was distracted by picking up rocks, my legs would soon get soaked by the waves.
After the break, I picked up some more stones, but I was able to pull them up quite a bit.

When I returned to Itoigawa City, I still had some time before catching the Shinkansen to Tokyo, so I went to Tsutsuishi Station, a station located in a tunnel 40 meters underground.
This station is quite scary. There are no people. I was relieved because there was a station staff near the platform.
It seems like the temperature inside the station is always kept at 19 degrees Celsius, so it’s cool.

When I got out of the station, the sun was about to set.
I hurried towards the sea to watch the sunset by the sea as a memory.

ah,,. Japan is a beautiful landscape that touches the heart.

The boat illuminated by the setting sun is emotional.

I was impressed with this seaside town.
Hey! You won’t be able to make it on time for the train! It’s almost the Shinkansen!
I ran, I ran. I would like to take a leisurely stroll through this town again.

Stones picked up at sea|Itoigawa coast, Niigata prefecture

That’s why the stones this time.
First of all, yesterday’s stone in Itoigawa, Niigata Prefecture. I think this is quite good.
I feel like I was able to pick up a truly unique stone. It’s a strange thing, and there is a common understanding among stone people that it’s just the right size.
It’s about the size of a chicken egg and can be held in one hand.

In fact, now that I have finished picking up stones at 25 locations and am writing a diary, I am forming a selection of stones.
The beautiful and delicate light blue stone and the exquisitely cracked black stone were chosen by the selected members.

I like the light blue stone so much that I have to say that I like it a lot.
→Various stones I have picked up so far

Stones picked up at sea|Toyama prefecture border coast

Next is the stone of today’s Toyama prefecture boundary coast. The beige stone with black spots is cute and looks like a harbor seal. There were many stones like this on this coast. However, other than this stone, it is not as impressive as the Itoigawa coast. In the end, I couldn’t get any jade either.

The presence of the beige stone with black markings is just amazing. Speaking of greed, I wish it were a little more perfectly round, but the shape is the lifeblood of a stone like this.

Therefore, the satisfaction level this time is 70%.
I feel like I finally succeeded in picking up the stones. Ayamezawa was good too, but that one was a little lumpy. After all, rolling stones is more fun. Well I do not know.

Well then, goodbye.

Next time, memory #5 is about stones and the sea, but it’s about a river.

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→A photographic work by ISHINOHITO.

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