Undulating stones, beautiful sea, picking up stones in Fukui for the first time in three years | Memories 119 |

Stone picking trip|Fukui prefecture coast

November 3, 2022.

Around 16:00.
The fourth coast. As the sun sets, this is the last time to pick up stones in Fukui.

This coast is very beautiful. And I know that stones are beautiful too.

When I think about it, I wonder how long I have been collecting stones in Fukui. It’s definitely the one I go to the most. This is my second favorite coast.

Anyway, the scenery is amazing, the sea is sparkling and there are almost no people, both at dusk and during the day. There are a lot of birds and I feel calm.

The stones are a good size and easy to pick up. The waves are fairly strong, but if you’re careful, it’s not a problem, and since it’s a stone beach rather than a sandy beach, you can pick up as many stones as you like.

beautiful. Beautiful, stone.

A stone that is clearly not a parking lot.
TADA, I wonder what kind of stones you are picking up.

I’m a little worried.
That is TADA’s motivation for picking up stones.

I always go to Fukui from Aichi, but for TADA this is like a hometown garden. How fresh does it feel to pick up stones?

Since he has a family, he probably doesn’t usually go out to collect stones. They probably only pick up stones when I visit, or when they skip work.

The stone collection that I was shown at TADA’s house is made up mostly of Fukui sea stones, either from this coast or from several other Fukui coasts.

When picking up stones, even in the same place, the appearance of the stones and the stones that are picked up will change depending on the ocean conditions and the observer’s state of mind at the time.
That said, TADA is picking up too many stones in Fukui.

The first stone spot is
Are there any good stones? What kind of coast is it? Is there a stone in the first place?
The sense of anticipation and exploration of these stones excites my heart.

I’ve been to the sea in my hometown of Mie and Aichi a couple of times, but the freshness is getting less and less. The same goes for stone spots that I almost always stop by on my business trips to Tokyo. It may seem obvious, but this is a very important issue for those who pick up stones.

This is off-topic, but it’s just me thinking about it, but there’s something about him being an early member of the rock collection team. (do not have)
People picking up stones to connect with a few people around them on SNS.
In everyday life, there are very few people who agree with me in picking up stones, so I only recognize them as imaginary members. It’s sad.
Designer E and TADA, who started picking up stones before me, are of course included.
384, Thoroughbred K is questionable, but I would like to include it if possible.
Stone evil Matthew is out of the question.

On Instagram,
In particular, Mr. Asarasu (I think), who has very similar interests,
I’m a stone lover who also likes stones that are close to each other, but are quite austere.
This person is also close, Mr. Ishikorokoro,
Also, someone who was blessed by a stone like TADA in Fukui, probably Hidemin from Aomori (I’m jealous).
Rhythmandik, the master (or so I think) of agate and petrified wood.
Also, Ishizo-san, kitotori-san, tacatko-san, etc.
There are many others, but among them, Mr. Asarasu and Mr. Stone Lover have been actively collecting stones from the beginning to the present, and we have concluded that their stone-picking mindsets are quite similar. Many people who pick up stones focus on agate, petrified wood, and jade. In that case, it might be easier to find it on the usual coast.
This will give you an idea of ​​where stones are most likely to fall. In the first place, there aren’t many spots where you can pick them up.
On the other hand, I feel that Mr. Asarasu and others who like stone are probably looking for stones with a sense of elegance. I think I’m looking for a mysterious and beautiful stone that I haven’t seen yet, that gives me a sense of wabi-sabi, and says, oh, what a stone it is. I wonder what it is?

If people are picking up stones with the same interest, won’t they get bored with the same beach? Or perhaps an objective perspective suddenly appears on the very act of picking up stones. This raises questions about picking up stones. Feeling of emptiness.
No, that’s what I thought as I was writing it. That may not be the case for the two of you. To begin with, I get the impression that both of them have visited various coasts around Japan, and it seems that they don’t always go to specific spots to pick up stones. (I’d like to say that this is just my imagination and not stone stalking. Even if it’s just my imagination, it’s scary.) Compared to that, I like Fukui too much. Because TADA and Fukui are a set. Having Fukui as my second hometown is not only a good thing, but there are also some pitfalls.

By the way, there are Tamami Miyata, azukKi, and Ishineko in X, but I think of them as teachers, or seniors who always tell me about stone spots, etc., so I don’t want to fantasize about them as members. I’m very afraid.
I also apologize to the people on Instagram. Please forgive me as I don’t have many stone friends.

What about TADA? Collecting stones in my hometown Fukui.
The sea in Fukui is beautiful, there are many spots, and the stones are diverse, so I wonder if it is different from the sea in Aichi. I only know of one place in the sea of ​​Aichi. Also, if you are in Fukui, you may always be moved by the fact that there are such wonderful stones and the sea in your hometown. Maybe not.
In the first place, TADA may not have thought about such things.

Due to my usual excessive stone questioning, I don’t know what stone picking is.

This is idle thought. Stone thoughts. Why pick up stones? If that’s the case, then you don’t have to pick up stones at all.
Perhaps stone lovers are different. Without hesitation, he continues to search for stones purely. A strong stone love that you don’t even doubt.
The same goes for Asarasu.
Mr. Miyata said that Mr. Watanabe had said in the past that all stones are attractive. I’ve written about it several times, but I’m nowhere close to reaching that point.
Mr. Asarasu may be a little, or perhaps quite close to that mindset.
If you have no idea what I’m talking about, please start reading from the first diary. troublesome.
Picking up stones for the first time, the coast of Kushimoto, Wakayama | Memories No. 1 |

My stone thoughts. I like stones. I like it, but it’s a nuisance. Stone thoughts.
Ah, Ishigami. Can I just pick up the stones like this?

The sun is fur.
Oh, are you Ishigami?


Even though it was my last trip to the beach for the day, I ended up writing a long list of things that didn’t matter.

Bad thing about this diary part 1
My memories from then and my memories now (at the time of writing) are mixed up.

Bad thing about this diary part 2
The story goes so far that it is no longer a diary.

Bad point about this diary part 3
Too much time has passed and the memories of those days are beginning to fade.

Bad points about this diary 4
I’m tired of saying the same thing over and over again.

What’s not good about this diary 5
First of all, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Rolling around.


I found a green stone.

TADA, would you please go pick up stones with me again?

The bird is furfur.
Are you going home soon?

The stone I picked up looks like this.
It’s pretty good, isn’t it?
Locally, twelve stones.

On the way home, I was trudging along while looking at the stones. I found a mysterious stone.

Ishigami, please take this home.
I see.

Twinkle twinkle~

good bye.

Then I ate TADA and ramen.

It also comes with a bowl full of green onions. Munch.

Of course, there will be substitutes as well.

Stones picked up from the sea|Fukui Prefecture coast

Photographed again.
It was an elegant composition.

I also picked up some agate. Colorless and translucent.

Red and flesh-colored swirls.

A light gray uneven stone. A strange texture.

This is it, what is this?
A stone like lithops. What is that bulging shape?

Like Suzu Castella.

It’s like a flower blooming on a stone.

Beautiful white and light brown lines.

The blurred red lines are an exquisite accent.

Like a mysterious egg.
→Various stones I have picked up so far

That’s it. Collecting stones in Fukui. I thought it wasn’t finished at all.
Today I will stay at a hotel near Fukui Station. why.
Tomorrow, a mysterious man will appear in Fukui.

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→A photographic work by ISHINOHITO.

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