Picking up red, yellow, and purple stones in the sea in Fukui for the first time in three years | Memories 118 |

November 3, 2022.

Continue to pick up stones in the Fukui sea.
I’m going to the third beach today.

After that, there is one beach left, so TADA has to be rushed.
Picking up stones at four stone spots in one day is quite a demanding schedule.

Zunzun zun.
Wait please.

TADA is basically impatient.
First of all, I eat food very quickly.
Even when we had lunch while collecting rocks, by the time I had eaten about half of it, he had finished it and was drinking lots of water.
A set of grated soba and sauce cutlet bowl. After a few minutes of slurping and scraping, the bowl is empty. Then I get upset and run to the bathroom. It’s also quick to finish errands.
We’ve been friends since we were students, but that hasn’t changed at all. Why hurry? Why are you in such a hurry, TADA?

And when I stayed at TADA’s house, TADA moved at high speed.
Taking care of my son, who will be in elementary school next year, cooking, laundry, and cleaning. Everything is fast.
No, wait, wait. That’s good. That’s very good. I am doing a lot of childcare and housework. He goes to work every day. In the midst of all this, she also takes care of her family. His wife also works. Both of us work. TADA does housework at high speed in place of his wife who comes home late. My wife also earns money. wonderful.
So please just eat slowly. This isn’t because I’m busy with housework or work; I’ve always been at an abnormal speed.
It doesn’t matter.

Stone picking trip|Fukui prefecture coast

I have visited this coast once or twice in the past. I have almost no memory. In the first place, I have written this diary in a few steps. As fans of the stone diary “Stone and the Sea” may have noticed (there are no such people), there are no diaries from 52 to 75. This is because I wanted to write my 76-year-old Shimane diary as soon as possible. And there are no diaries from 84 to 98 after Shimane. I wanted to write a diary right after collecting stones. Even though I did that much, my diary was delayed, and the records of the stones and the sea continued to accumulate.

I don’t care about excuses. What about the stones here?

What shape and color are the stones? It’s not a parking lot, but it’s a stone that looks dry. It’s natural because it’s a stone.

I can’t see the stone.
In the distance, the sand is brown and dark. It also has a reddish tinge to it.

This sea is also stable and beautiful.

I saw a stone. I looked closer.
I feel like there are a lot of reddish stones. The rest is beige and gray. These stones broke apart and became a reddish-brown sandy beach.

There are also greenish stones. Stones with high color saturation. Oh wait, it’s dangerous, this stone is wet. No matter how many times I say it, you’ll understand. It’s my 118th time on the beach. Reduce the saturation of wet stones in your mind. He’s a designer.

Even though I know this, I still end up going to the beach. Unable to pick up empty stones from clusters. Even though that is the original state, it is a stupid stone-picking mind.

Gentle waves crash against the rocks, making the red, yellow, purple, and sometimes green stones sparkle.

The sound of picking up stones is pleasant. The sound of stones rolling.

The sound of gentle waves.

The sound of waves receding.


Rolling around ~


If you look closely, you will notice that the grains of sand are very beautiful.

Among the colorful stones, I search for the one that particularly resonates with my heart.

Concentrate and get your feet wet.

However, I concentrate so much that it doesn’t bother me. stone zone.
Pick up the stones, that’s it.

This is what the stone I found looked like. Before selection.
Once, I tried arranging the twelve stones. As the name suggests, 12 stones is the act of selecting and arranging 12 stones in a well-balanced and harmonious manner, and is one of the stone arrangements that I recommend.
Recently, I have been practicing arranging twelve stones on the beach. Even stones that don’t look that good when you look at them individually look better when you look at them this way. Make the neighboring stones stand out.

Also, ultra-small stones are the latest trend (to me).

The TADA stone is finally here. I finally saw the third place today.
Can you see that the stones I pick up are completely different in style? First, there are few. As I wrote last time, TADA has high standards for determining whether or not to pick up a stone. I just pick it up when I’m having trouble.
And there are no red stones. There are no stones with high color saturation. TADA tends to pick up darker stones than colorful ones. The stone taste is somewhat similar to Thoroughbred K.
Stone picking trip, Tsuna Shiranu Coast, Aomori Prefecture | Memories No. 14 | (Thoroughbred K’s first rock picking diary)

And this is after my selection. four.

The sun was already setting.
I have to go to the next beach soon, it’s getting dark.
TADA also takes less time to pick up stones. While I was thinking about it and was persistently picking up stones thinking there might still be some left, TADA had already finished selecting them. And I begin to carefully select stones from among the many wasted stones. TADA is always patiently waiting for that. Thank you.

I found a large flat stone, so I lined up two of my favorite stones on top of it.

Good, good.

Stones picked up from the sea|Fukui Prefecture coast

Once again, the stones I photographed.
Well, the number of stones is increasing somehow. Small stones are also included. I don’t remember anything about it, but I probably found it after making the selection and before returning to the car.
When I pick up stones over and over again, I often get confused thoughts and am unable to pick up stones with a pure heart. However, once I have finished picking up stones, I often find a good stone while walking, not in a stone-picking mode. If you are in a flat state of mind, for some reason you see a stone, and this may be a stone that you subconsciously think is good for you. It might be different. It’s just greed.

Closer cut.
The red pattern flowing through the light reddish-purple color is mysterious.

A small stone in the center. The contrast between white and black and the flowing patterns are also interesting.

A type of stone often seen in the center. Is it rhyolite? To be honest, I have no idea if rhyolite is called that because of its flowing patterns, or if it is classified as rhyolite based on completely different criteria. I would like to deepen my knowledge of stones, but my knowledge is shallower than that of TADA, and I only know it by feel. This is the situation even though it has been almost ten years since I started collecting stones in earnest. I want to quit my job and start seriously traveling to collect stones and researching stones. I don’t have that courage. Rolling around.

Someone please become a stone patron. Someone please tell me I can live by just picking up rocks. No, no, no.
→Various stones I have picked up so far

Next time, today is the last sea in Fukui.
And I remember by writing in my diary. This stone picking trip in Fukui was the first day of a multi-day stone picking trip.

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→A photographic work by ISHINOHITO.

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