Picking up stones in a river in Gifu Prefecture, a bit of a road trip | Memories No. 5 |

Stone picking trip|Nakatsugawa, Gifu Prefecture

Sometime in October 2015.

I took a short break because I went to Mie, Shizuoka, Niigata, and Toyama to pick up rocks in the sea in quick succession.

In a few days, I’ll want to pick up rocks again. Once picking up stones becomes a habit, it is impossible to stop.

However, if I don’t have any particular travel plans, I wonder what it’s like to travel for stones.

I live in Nagoya, and I used Google Maps and Google Search to see if there was a place nearby where I could pick up stones.
The sea of ​​Aichi, the sea of ​​Aichi, the sea of ​​Aichi is…

do not have.
As far as I can tell, there isn’t a single spot in the Aichi sea where you can find good stones.

No matter how hard I searched, I couldn’t find any beaches that seemed to have good stones.
As far as I know, there is no clean sea in Aichi.

I arbitrarily decided that “good stones can only be found in clean seas,” and decided to exclude the sea of ​​Aichi from the list.

Next, I looked for Mie, but it was nowhere to be found.
My parents’ home is in Mie, so I know most of the sea conditions in Mie.
The sea from the northern tip of Mie to Ise and Toba is not that beautiful. There is one further south (around Kumano), but it is quite a distance from Nagoya.

Now, Shizuoka. Omaezaki is probably the shortest place to have a stone beach. far. Moreover, this is Designer E’s territory.




Oh my god.
If you’re based in Nagoya, aren’t there any beaches nearby where you can collect stones?

If this happens, we have no choice but to give up on the sea.

It’s a river.
The stones in the sea came from rivers.
If so, wouldn’t there be good stones in the river too?
I hear that people who have a hobby of stone, suiseki (bonseki, ornamental stones), and collecting minerals go to the mountains and rivers.
・Suiseki introductory manual
・NHK Beauty Pot Suiseki
Okay, let’s go to a nearby beautiful river.

Then, we decided on Nakatsugawa in Gifu Prefecture.
However, there was a problem here. Up until now, I have been heading for beaches with names and picking up stones there.

However, rivers connect all the way from the mountains to the sea.
I have no idea where to pick it up. Upstream? Middle class? downstream? Estuary? I have no idea.

I thought about it for a while.

First of all, the stones upstream are too big. It’s a rock. Remove from candidates.

It seems like it would be easy to pick up waste downstream, but as more houses and factories are built, the river becomes polluted. I don’t want to go into a dirty river. In addition, the stones in the downstream area have been polished by the flow of the river, giving them a rounded shape similar to that of the sea. Since I’m going to the river to pick them up, I want to experience a different atmosphere from the ocean.
(You said earlier that you wanted to look for it in the sea!)
For the time being, there is no downstream either.

The estuary is useless for almost the same reason as the downstream. In fact, if there is an estuary, that means there is a coast right next to it. All you have to do is pick it up there.

What remained was the middle class.
The water was reasonably clean, and there were stones the size of pebbles (about the size of a chicken egg).
The scenery is pretty good, and you can play with nature.
Unlike upstream, there is a station nearby, so it’s easy to get there by train.

If I decide to do that, I will go to the middle reaches of the Nakatsu River. I boarded the train in high spirits, but unfortunately it was raining.
But I can’t give up.

I got off at Nakatsugawa Station and walked to Nakatsugawa.

I picked it up silently in the rain.
I step into the cold river with an umbrella and pick up stones.
Stones swaying in the flow of clear water. Rain falls into the river and the water bounces back.
Pochan Pochan.
not bad. Not bad at all.

It’s quite different from the usual rock picking.
The river is a big difference, but the rain is even more important.
When it rains, the difficulty of picking up stones increases dramatically. The reason is that you can’t see the stone in a dry state.
Ah, it’s beautiful. The punch line is that even if you are excited and bring the stone home, you will be disillusioned when you see the stone in a dry state.
But this time it didn’t matter. It was just fun picking up rocks.
The wet stones were clear in the clean water. It was shining.
When I was an elementary school student, I remembered picking up attractive, wet stones at the playground or park on rainy days.
ah. Collecting stones is great.

Now, what kind of stone did you pick up?

Stones picked up in the river|Nakatsugawa, Gifu Prefecture

Yes, it’s almost just a stone.
→Various stones I have picked up so far

it’s alright. It was fun while picking up stones.
Stones that act as a switch to recall memories of that time. Oh wonderful. Hometown stones.

And the river stones feel a little dignified.
But maybe it’s just my imagination.
In the end, whether it’s a sea stone or a river stone, it’s all about the scene that is reflected in the mind of the person who picks it up.
It is a single stone that contains memories.
I would like to recommend picking up stones like this.

stone and sea.

This time, I felt like I was able to return to the basics of picking up stones.

Next time, memory number 6, eh! Employee trip to Fukuoka! ? I have to go for this! A battle to pick up stones between designers! !

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