A trip to pick up stones, along the coast of Toyama Prefecture | Memories No. 9 |

Stone-picking trip|Toyama Prefecture Boundary Coast

April 30, 2016.

I’ve been waiting for this day all of April.
I’ve been thinking about Fukui for a long time.
Because I received a message from TADA, a man blessed by stones living in Fukui.
→Memory No.8 ~ Encounter with an unexpected stone, Ojima, Fukui Prefecture ~

TADA, you can become a stone person by picking up stones once on Ojima.
Truly terrifying. The magic of stone. No, this is TADA’s speed at accepting abnormal stones.

It’s true that I wanted to pick up Designer E’s stone as soon as I saw it. However, that stone is from Omaezaki. The various stones that flowed from the Tenryu River have been beautifully polished by the sea, creating the true essence of Ishikoro, which has a sense of wabi-sabi.
However, the stones that TADA picked up on Ojima are rugged in shape and rough to the touch. It is too difficult for beginners to appreciate.

When you become as skilled as I am, you will be able to notice the differences in the expression from other stones and the bitterness that is hard to describe. mother.

picture,,,. No way, I discovered it in an instant. TADA.
,,,No, it’s probably just my imagination. Let me say that.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, there are many beaches with rocks in Fukui, where he lives. The sea is beautiful and there are various stones. There are not many people in the sea of ​​Fukui, so it is easy to pick up fish.
Perfect for picking up rocks. As someone who lives in Nagoya, I’m very jealous. (There is no such sea in Aichi.)

Well, in any case, I’m really happy to have more stone friends.
Stone people are basically lonely. The fun of picking up stones in a large group has been proven in a case in Fukuoka.
→Memory No. 7 ~ 2nd day of the stone picking battle in Tomigahana, Fukuoka Prefecture ~

Then it’s time to head to Fukui.
I never imagined that I would meet TADA so often and that we would have a common hobby, which is stones.

From Nagoya Station, take a bus to Fukui Station.
Go go go.
When you arrive at Fukui Station, TADA will pick you up at the rotary. “Hello.”

It’s been less than a month since I last picked up stones.
Without any updates on his work or private life, he immediately heads to Sakai Kaigan, Toyama Prefecture.
When you become two stone people, it is the beginning of a super stoic stone journey.
All conversations in the car were in stone. Any stone here? Such a stone, such a stone. After TADA opened his eyes on Ojima, he appears to have repeatedly picked up rocks at Hamaji Beach, the beach closest to his home, as shown in the photo he sent via message.

yeah? Wait a minute,,.
Let’s go to that beach. You sent me a message, right?
TADA passes through the questions easily.
I’d like to pick up those nice-looking stones…

Sakai coast, Toyama prefecture. Arrived at the commonly known jade coast.

In fact, this is the beach that I visited the day after picking up rocks at the Jade Beach in Itoigawa, Niigata Prefecture, with designer K, who lives in Tokyo.
→Memory No. 4 ~This time, jade, Toyama prefecture boundary coast~

Anyway, TADA was taking something out of the trunk of the car. A shovel, work gloves, and a ziplock bag.
,,,,, What is that full equipment?
Even though I have collected stones many times, I only use plastic bags from convenience stores.
・By the way, Ziploc is Easy Zipper M.

I start picking up stones, surprised by TADA’s thoroughness.
As I may have mentioned before, this coast is famous for producing jade, as its name suggests, so there are quite a few people who are looking for jade. Everyone is collecting stones.

Hmm, but I still can’t harvest jade. A professional jade hunter must have taken it all away. In the first place, if you pick up stones for the purpose of finding jade, you tend to miss other interesting stones, so I decided to stop looking for jade right away.
Today I’m going to focus on finding interesting, beautiful, and atmospheric stones.

TADA picks up a stone. I’m always looking for white stones.
I read on the internet that jade has a whitish color at first glance.
It seems that TADA is trying to obtain Jade. Nununu.

At this point, the person I consider my biggest rival is TADA. Designer E is also quite good, but TADA is already on the verge of surpassing it in terms of heat and environment.
Maybe, just maybe, he is the person closest to Ishihijiri, the stone saint. That kind of anxiety passes by.

What is Ishisei?
I am fantasizing about the state beyond which the stone man has reached, the stone person who has attained enlightenment.
Don’t let such foolish delusions develop and pick them up quickly…

I started picking up jade again, hoping that TADA wouldn’t find it.

Rolling around.

Stones picked up at sea|Toyama prefecture border coast

And this is what the stone I found looked like.

Hmm, there are no particular surprises here… After all, Itoigawa is better for the jade coast. I can’t find any jade either.
If I had to pick a favorite among these, it would be the third one from the left on the top row. A stone with spots like a Dalmatian. It’s quite interesting and unusual.

By the way, what happened to TADA’s search for jade?
I couldn’t find it!
it was good. it was good.

Well, to be honest, I kind of wanted to see it, Hisui. But it seems to be quite difficult.

Closer cut.
Not bad. But it’s not terribly good either.

That’s it for today. isn’t it!

Actually, on the way back to TADA’s house, I decided to visit one more beach. TADA choice.
That is the coast of Kurobe, also in Toyama Prefecture.
I’ve never been there. Collecting stones on an unknown coast. My heart is pounding.

Let’s go now! Go go TADA!
You should drive too, stone man.

to be continued.

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→A photographic work by ISHINOHITO.



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