What is the value of picking up stones|Stone World|

What is stone picking?
Why do people pick stones? Why don’t people pick up stones?

Such a wonderful stone is worthless. I feel a little lonely, but if it’s worth it, I won’t be able to pick it up, so please remain worthless. Stone people feel a little sense of crisis in an era when it is difficult to predict what value will be found.

But the stone will have no value. Because there are infinite stones in the universe. Rather than a specific substance, stone is substance itself, a miraculous pile of chaos. Each one is unique and beautiful. Nonetheless, worthlessness is wonderful. Stone picking may be a real utopia.
When I started picking up stones, I felt guilty about picking up stones at a good age. Now, the heart stone resistance is starting to develop. I would like everyone to pick up stones without cheating their hearts. However, there are rumors that picking up stones with a little stealth is just right.
If you like it without saying anything, you may be told to pick it up as you like. I am sometimes asked if I really like stones. However, it is also interesting to be able to think about stones to this extent. That is the true value of picking up stones.
The urge to pick up stones is undeniably a sign of being human.