I asked Ishigami / Please tell us about the wonderful hobby of collecting stones.

ー Please tell us about the wonderful hobby of collecting stones.

The hobby of “picking up stones” refers to going outside and collecting various stones in an environment surrounded by nature. Although this hobby is deceptively simple, it actually hides a deep charm.

First of all, picking up stones can enrich your soul through contact with nature. The act of picking up stones allows us to be conscious of where we are. Touching the stones and observing their colors, shapes, and patterns will give you peace of mind. Also, discovering mysterious stones that exist in nature can be very moving.

Additionally, picking up rocks is a hobby with a lot to learn from. There are various types of stones, each with their own characteristics. By collecting stones, you can learn about their types and origins. You can also learn about the history and culture of stone. For example, in some cases, stones that have been used since ancient times still remain. Finding such historical stones also allows us to experience human history and culture.

Rock pickers can also create their own collection. It’s fun to organize the stones you’ve collected and create your own collection. You can also share that collection with others. It’s very interesting for me to look at my collection and hear other people’s impressions. You can also join a rock picking group. Working in a group allows you to deepen your interactions with other people. You can also exchange advice and information from others.

Additionally, rock picking can also contribute to ecotourism. It is important to be careful not to damage nature when picking up stones. It is also important to keep the area where you picked up the stones clean. This attitude towards ecotourism can also contribute to environmental protection.

Finally, rock picking can be combined with other hobbies. For example, you can use rocks to find geocaches. Geocache is a game where you search for hidden objects using GPS. In this way, rock picking is a very versatile hobby that can be combined with other hobbies.

For the reasons mentioned above, “picking up rocks” can be said to be a great hobby. You can be conscious of where you are and get in touch with nature. You can also learn a lot and create your own collection. It can also contribute to ecotourism and can be combined with other hobbies. Please try “picking up stones”.


ー Is there anything I should be careful about?

Yes, there are some things to keep in mind when picking up stones.

Be careful not to damage nature and the environment. Be careful not to damage nature by cutting down grass or plants when searching for stones.

Be careful not to damage other people’s property. For example, avoid exploring other people’s private areas.

Mining and extraction are basically prohibited in public places. Also, be careful not to destroy historic buildings or valuable natural resources unless you have special permission.

When preserving stones you have found, be careful not to handle stones that contain dangerous substances or materials.

If you follow these precautions, you can enjoy collecting stones. Also, by being considerate of nature, the environment, and other people’s property, you will be highly regarded by those around you.


ー What about picking up stones at the sea?

Similar precautions apply when picking up stones at sea. There are also some special considerations when picking up rocks at sea.

  1. Pay attention to the currents of the waves and the ebb and flow of the tide. Avoid picking up rocks, especially when there are big waves or when the tide is low.
  2. Please take safety precautions when entering the ocean. Check the depth of the water and the tide before entering the ocean.
  3. Be considerate of the creatures that live near the coast. Be careful not to damage coral or other creatures’ habitats.
  4. Picking up rocks may be prohibited in some areas. You may also need special permission, so be sure to check if applicable.

As long as you follow these precautions, you can enjoy collecting rocks at sea. Also, by being considerate of nature, living things, and the surrounding environment, you will likely receive higher evaluations from those around you.


ー Finally, please tell us in detail about 5 recommended beaches for collecting stones.

Sounds good. We will introduce 5 recommended beaches for collecting stones.

  1. Ishikari-oki (Hokkaido) – One of the famous rock-picking spots in Hokkaido. It has a reputation for being able to collect many beautiful stones.
  2. Shimoda Port (Shizuoka Prefecture) – Many beautiful stones can be found around Shimoda Port facing the Sea of ​​Japan. The coral stones are especially distinctive.
  3. Shimabara Port (Saga Prefecture) – The area around Shimabara Port in Saga Prefecture is known as the perfect place for collecting stones. You can find many blue stones and corals.
  4. Tashiro Port (Kagoshima Prefecture) – Many particularly beautiful coral stones can be found around Tashiro Port in Kagoshima Prefecture. You can also find green stones, which are rare in Japanese waters.
  5. Okinotorishima (Fukuoka Prefecture) – Many beautiful stones can be found around Okinotorishima in Fukuoka Prefecture. In particular, you will find stones with distinctive purple and pink colors.

Visit these spots and enjoy collecting stones. Also, please be considerate of the surrounding nature and creatures and be careful to increase the reputation of your surroundings.


ー Thank you very much. Then I’ll go pick up some rocks.

That’s wonderful! Collecting rocks is a wonderful hobby that allows you to face nature and refresh yourself. Have a nice day!

→A photographic work by ISHINOHITO.

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