Stone World

Observe one stone, time for the stone.




It’s like a shiny Ohajiki. Beautiful gradation of light gray and light brown. Aomori sea stones.


Like a sky full of stars. The translucent crystals scattered in the jet black color are beautiful. Aomori sea stones.


Like Totoro in the sunset sky. The cute silhouette and the gradation from wine red to orange are so beautiful that you will fall in love with them. I think it’s a sea stone in Fukui.


Like a thundercloud. red lightning. Beautiful gray with mottled green and burgundy accents. Aomori sea stones.


It looks like it was cut from a sandy planet far away. Beautiful glossy beige streamlines. Aomori sea stones.


Like a seashore. Beautiful turquoise and light brown. The balance between seawater and rocks is exquisite. Aomori sea stones.


Like Daruma. Jet black with white scratches as an accent. Petrified wood from the Aomori sea.


Like a melting bontan candy. Beautiful translucent orange. Sea stones in Aomori.


Like Monet’s water lily pond. Turquoise blue and brown, light purple and dark gray light and shadow are beautiful. Sea stones in Aomori.


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